Engine tuning to up to 523 kW / 711 hp and 710 Nm
Hi-tech center-lock forged wheels with 20 and 21-inch diameter, sport springs and carbon upgrades

In the McLaren 570S GT4, McLaren created a racecar that has been one of the most successful vehicles in GT4 racing around the world since 2017. The 620R is a street-legal offshoot of which only 225 sports cars were produced in a limited edition in 2020. To put even greater emphasis on the racing DNA of this lightweight-design special model, NOVITEC developed a sophisticated performance range whose focus is on more power and further optimized handling.
As a result, there are three different performance upgrades for the 3.8-liter twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine with up to 523 kW / 711 hp and 710 Nm of torque. With it, the powerful mid-engine car slings itself from rest to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 328 km/h.
The NOVITEC high-performance exhaust system is not only essential for an optimized power delivery and a sporty exhaust note, it also saves additional weight in the version made from the especially lightweight INCONEL alloy.
Hi-tech forged wheels in a staggered combination with diameters of 20 and 21 inches were developed in cooperation with American wheel manufacturer Vossen, which in concert with specially calibrated sport springs give the powerful mid-engine car more agile handling still.
NOVITEC carbon components for the bodywork put even greater emphasis on the motor racing lineage.

The engine of the McLaren is restricted to less than 500 hp in GT4 racing in order to ensure a level playing field for the many different vehicles from other manufacturers in this class. In comparison, the 3.8-liter engine with two turbochargers in the 620R street-legal version produces 456 kW / 620 hp and thereby lays the perfect groundwork for engine tuning.

The NOVITEC engine specialists developed three different performance kits for this power unit. Two plug-and-play NOVITEC N-TRONIC modules that are adapted to the electronic engine control unit of the vehicle introduce new mapping for injection, ignition and boost pressure control in all three versions. And they do so as needed, because the driver can activate the power boost in a flash with a touch of a button on the Active Dynamic Panel.

The most powerful stage, which includes a NOVITEC RACE high-performance exhaust system in addition, increases the peak output by 67 kW / 91 hp. At the same time, peak torque grows by 90 Nm. As a result, the forced-induction V8 with NOVITEC tuning produces a peak output of 523 kW / 711 hp at 7,400 rpm. The peak torque of 710 Nm is already on tap at 5,250 rpm.

In concert with the low weight of under 1,400 kilograms, the NOVITEC-tuned McLaren 620R delivers breathtaking performance on the road: From rest, the powerful mid-engine car slings itself from zero to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and reaches a speed of 200 km/h just 5 seconds later. The top speed increases to 328 km/h.

However, the NOVITEC performance kits impress not only with further optimized performance on the road, but also with an even more instant throttle response and an even gutsier power delivery across the entire rev range, which translates into even more driving fun on the racetrack and on the road.

The key features of the NOVITEC RACE high-performance exhaust system for the McLaren 620R are performance optimization and an even sportier sound. In order to lower the temperatures in the engine bay, the sport exhaust systems are fully thermally insulated. The precisely calibrated exhaust systems are available made from stainless steel or the lighter still material INCONEL used in Formula 1 racing. Lighter and more efficient sports catalysts can be installed in addition. The tailpipes, one on either side, are slanted to match the rear-end profile and modify the view from the rear as well.

Hi-tech forging technology and center lock are the most striking features of the NOVITEC MC3 wheels, which were developed specifically for the street-legal racecar and make optimal use of the available space in the fender wells. The tire/wheel combination with diameters of 20 and 21 inches is tailor-made for this vehicle and one inch larger at the front and back than the production wheels. It puts even greater emphasis on the wedge shape of the sports car.

NOVITEC was able to engage renowned American manufacturer Vossen for the development and production of these high-end alloys that sport a design featuring seven delicate twin-spokes running all the way to the outer edge. The result is an optimal combination of maximum strength and light weight.

The NOVITEC MC3 wheels for the McLaren 620R come in 72 different color variants and are optionally available with a brushed or polished surface as well. The front axle is fitted with 8.5Jx20 wheels and tires of size 245/30 ZR 20. Forged wheels of size 11.5Jx21 with 315/30 ZR 21 tires ensure maximum grip on the rear axle.

The NOVITEC sport springs, which lower the ride height of the two-seater by about 25 millimeters, are calibrated specifically to this wheel/tire combination and the production shocks with multiple adjustment options.

NOVITEC also refines the body of the sports car with targeted surgery: For example, NOVITEC offers two naked-carbon hood scoops for the 620R. The NOVITEC carbon rocker panels route the airflow between the front and rear wheel arches even more precisely. Further NOVITEC touches made from this composite material, which can also be ordered in a FORGED carbon version, are the lateral shrouds for the rear fascia and the covers for the two side mirrors.

NOVITEC enhances the cockpit of the McLaren 620R as well by customer request. This includes custom covers for the racing seats made from the finest leather and Alcantara in any desired color.

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